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Young sergeant in the forest

Date: 04.03.2012

I think it’s just the time for an incredible masturbation with this amazing footage. This young sergeant didn’t know about the admiral’s interest in him, especially in his big mouth and wide ass. Good thing the admiral had caught him all alone in the field digging. All the other marines had gone for lunch, but this young sergeant had didn’t obey the rules and was punished by getting extra work.

This is a perfect chance for checking out on his tight ass and filling that young mouth with the admiral’s big fat meat pole.

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Marine shows the basic trainings

Date: 04.03.2012

Marine shows the basic trainings

You know, when you’re about to join the army, there are some basic training you already have to know how to do. Of course the marines can teach you them in the army, but you’ll end up being creampied by dozens of army boys, lying somewhere in the grass with a huge anal. Your ass will never be the same again. That big tunnel will always remember you about this harsh day.

You will be very sorry that you didn’t know how to suck cock, gulp and spit correctly. And of course you have to know how to take two or even three cocks in the ass. These are hard combat trainings, but guy right here, will show you how to become the master army slut and have no problem staying in the squad. I really like how he is showing his secondary combat skills by punching and kicking his legs in the air… so fearless – wow!

I really love his brutal face. I don’t know about you, but it just makes me laugh. But this army buy didn’t come to make you love. Soon enough he will be making you cum with the best orgasm you’ve ever had in your life! After he is done with showing off how tough this fag is, it is time to see what’s under his shirt. Yeah, with such a torso you will be in the first class on the trip to being the general’s best slut. I am not even speaking about his appetite ass – see it yourself.

I bet you’d fuck him, didn’t you? The army is full of surprises and to fuck such a guy you will be needing your secondary combat skills to throw him to the ground. Oh, you though he’d give you your ass just after you ask? Well, you’re not the general, so I don’t think so! To fuck such a priceless ass you will have to go through some tough time, but since you are behind the monitor, you can just pull out your cable and start powering it up. Check out that huge big, hairy bolt he’s got.

When this guy sees the enemy – that cable will be his main weapon for demobilizing the unlucky foe. I am sure he will showing you lots of more different elite gay techniques. Don’t even doubt another guy joining him and working on his fat stick. As to me, I am always rock hard when I see such a handsome guy in a uniform. In this uniform you feel yourself like another person. In it, you can do any dirty stuff that was only a dream to you. Imagine yourself in another body – no one will know, that you are in it, so you can do any crazy and mind blowing thing. As for this guy, he is using the uniform to dominate and get dominated by the old and always horny general. So if you know all these techniques, then the army is just for you!

Military boys acting naughty

Date: 04.03.2012

Military boys acting naughty

It’s not polite to just walk in the general’s room and take something while one of his army boy sluts is working him off. This is what happened to Sergey. The general got really mad cuz this idiot didn’t even knock! He will be very sorry for the next hour. The general has two options: sending him free and letting dozens of anal hungry marines occupy his tight ass and transform it into a huge black cavern or he can join the fun with the general.

As soon as one of his sluts finished working him off, the general had told him to think about his behavior and about the two options. Poor guy was really scared and wasn’t going to give his ass to dozens of horny marines. Since this young marine had a gorgeous ass and a big mouth, well it’s obvious that the general had chosen him to stay. But working his big meat pole won’t be enough for the mad general.

We can see him standing in the corner and thinking about his bad manners and the general coming up to him. Know we know, this isn’t going to be that simple. He spreads the marine’s legs wide apart and bends him over –

“yeah, now that’s a delicious ass. Hey, boy, I still remember about your big mouth, aren’t you going to use it?”

“I am ready to use my big mouth and suck your cock like a whore, sir!” “Good, indeed! Now what the hell are you waiting for?, get on your knees, now!

“Yes, sir!”

From that moment we can watch the general, take out his already powered up cable and stick it all the way deep into the marine’s mouth. Even though this young, hot marine had a big mouth, looks like he never used it before. Actually it’s his first gay experience ever. But after some tries with slurping, gulping and even chocking, he got the generals mighty cock all the way deep his throat, right to the tonsils. Remember what I said about the pissed off general? Yeah, he was looking for his ass too, so this is just the beginning of the action. After about 10 minutes of throat fucking, the general had commanded him to take off his pants and spread his legs wide.

“But, sir, you promised me you won’t touch my ass” “Sergeant, that was before! Now, since you have no manners at all things have changed. Are you going to follow my commands, or should I call your friends to watch?”

“No, sir. I will do everything as you say, sir!”

It took some time to slide in that big cock cuz it was the first cock to come in the marine’s ass. But don’t worry, the general is making gay hookers out of anal virgin soldiers every day, so he knows what to do. I think the whole barrack heard this marine, who was moaning like a real whore. You’re going to love this.

Sexy army boy showing his body

Date: 04.03.2012

Sexy army boy showing his body

You know it’s all about the uniform. In it, you feel yourself like in another body, like your another person. You can do whatever you like whenever you like. All your dirty thoughts can turned to life when you’re wearing a military uniform. This guy right here is a real marine, who is very horny. In this part he will be showing you his amazing torse and delicious ass. Damn, just look at that perfectly circled ass, isn’t it delicious? I bet you’d eat it with your cock! But this is not all.

He is going to have some fun with his other marine, which is a horny little fag just like him. But before that, let’s take a look at his beautiful muscles and what he can do with them. First we see some pushups from and a twine, then he decides that this is not going anywhere and takes off his shirt. Yeah, finally we get to see his smoking hot torso, which I was talking about in the beginning.

The way he shows off his combat skills is a bit hilarious and made me laugh, but still I am having the hardest boner ever! This guy reminds me a tiger when punching for the camera like that. After our marine is warmed up, the next thing he does is slowly take off his pants. We can see his already satisfied face at the pic where he’s jerking off that big meat cable. But don’t worry, this isn’t the end, we’re just getting started! Looks like this marine has his gay friend waiting right behind the doors and almost begging to come in and join the fun. Yeah, this marine slut will be having another anal destruction today.

Of course we wouldn’t want him to wait forever, so we let the horny guy in. Almost immediately he got cuffed and bend over. Now what’s left to do is take off those camouflage pants and stick it right between those hairy legs. This is exactly what our marine did. Seems like the second guy didn’t even have a hard time taking it in. Well, of course he didn’t! The whole barracks are banging that ass every day, even the general is! His hole is loose, but for such a big dick it is perfect. These two were fucking in many positions, not only doggy style. We can even see some blowjob action before the real thing happens.

I must admit, that this marine slut has a big mouth too and some amazing deepthroat skills. No doubt he had learned this in the army. It was very exciting to watch how two lonely soldiers get together and help each other out. Come on, when the marines are on a break – what else is there to do, than to feel your cock sliding into someone’s tight arse? You’re in the army, son! It is full of many different surprises. Be aware cuz you might get fucked by dozens of marines 24 hours a day!

Young crazy recruits becoming gay

Date: 04.03.2012

Young crazy recruits becoming gay

This is an amazing footage, where three young recruits are forced to have gay sex. Yeah, these generals are filming and commanding them to do all sorts of dirty things. You might want to check out this badass gallery. It will leave no one indifferent for sure. You know, the army does crazy things to soldiers. There are no women around and a bunch of recruits just have to somehow get along with each other.

The general had called three new recruits to discuss some things about joining them into the army. He had explained them that they are going to going the military in a couple of days and have to get prepared.

“Alright, boys! Now you must execute each and every of my command. Do you understand, soldier?”

“Sir, yes sir!”

“Good, now listen to this, soldiers. I’ve called you not just for some shitty talking. You are here for another reason. All three of you boys have great asses”

“Sir, we don’t understand what you are talking about”

“No need to understand, soldier. Now you – take off his pants and start jerking off his cock”

“but sir…”

“Are you deaf, soldier? Do you want to do it here or do you want me to call dozens of other horny marines to join you?”

“No, sir! We understand everything, Sir!”

And from that moment all three of these recruits begun executing his commands, one by one, just as he says. First there was some awesome blowjob action. Once the soldiers cock was hard, the general had ordered the third recruit to pull down his pants and spread his ass wide. With no lubricant his virgin ass will never be the same again, believe me. It was hard to stick such a huge meat pole in that tiny black hole, but after some minutes of the marine, relaxing his ass while the second recruit was pushing it in – finally they had fully inserted that big nine inch cable in that tight virgin butthole.

The smiling general didn’t even say anything when the two already began to fuck like animals. Seems to me like they started to really enjoy having gay sex. But don’t forget about the third marine, which after such a view got very horny and had asked the general to try out his friends ass too. Of course the general let him do as he desired. Too bad we didn’t see the general himself joining them.

This was a wild threesome going on. All three of these guys will walk out of the room like completely different people! I am sure they will be the best generals anal sluts and this isn’t the last time he was calling them to his cabinet to discuss some “problems”. Good job, marines. Now welcome the mighty army. Feel yourself like at home as long as you are willing to give your ass and mouth to the mighty old general. And don’t forget – this horny general is watching you.

A bunch of fags in the army

Date: 04.03.2012

A bunch of fags in the army

You better buckle up cuz this is another mind blowing gay army footage. If you like gay army boys, especially when they have fun, then you’ll love this gallery. This is the first part of the fantastic threesome. These two gay boys Sasha and Andrey are never lonely when being in the army.

They know what to do when left alone. This time the two decided to stay in the barrack instead of going to the cafeteria and have lunch like all the other marines. The commander was out hiking and there was nobody around at this hour – a perfect time for having some fun thought Andrey. Sasha is a real horny fag and couldn’t wait to start. Even in the morning he had a boner and he had asked his best friend Andrey to work it in the bathroom.

Looks like the two of them just didn’t have enough of it. Lucky for them they have a friend from the other barracks, which is gay too. He is very lonely and doesn’t have anyone to bang with so has to come over all the way to these two guys. But that doesn’t matter, it’s worth having such an awesome threesome with such handsome fags like Andrey and Sasha. But these guys don’t like going straight to business. Before the real thing they have to make sure all three of them are warmed up so do some exercising with pushups other sorts of workout things. It’s really amazing to watch those sweaty naked bodies together.

The fun part begins after they are done with warming up and when Sasha takes off his trousers. It didn’t take so long for Andrey to wait and he took off his pants too. The third guy wasn’t going to do the same thing, he had a better idea and took off his belt. Boy, this is going to be some nasty gay action right now! He takes it out and starts spanking Sasha’s ass until it becomes red. We can see Sasha moaning and yelling. Yeah, it’s not easy to stand the pain of such a huge belt.

After some spanking it was the time when Sasha’s ass will be two mighty marine cocks. Damn, he was having a hard time taking it in. But some rough strength and a couple drops of spit did the job. Now Andrey’s big meat cable is completely in his best friend’s ass. He slowly begins moving it in and out, and gets a whip from behind. It was the third guy, who commended him to destroy his ass and fuck it as hard as he can.

“Sir, yes, sir!” said Andrey and began banging his friend like an animal. You just have to see their satisfied, tired faces after almost an hour of anal massacre! You have never seen marines like this before. You think that was all? No! These soldiers have one more dirty secret. Watch this fantastic army gallery and see what these fags are up to.

Nice threesome action in the army

Date: 04.03.2012

Nice threesome action in the army

You know, it can get sometimes a bit lonely in the army. These three twinks have an excellent solution and this is the best solution ever. What can be better than having a good anal threesome while the corporal is somewhere away and isn’t watching you? These three risky boys decided to take the shot and do right in the barracks!

Any other marine could come in at any time! Yeah, these guys know that they can get caught and that didn’t stop them. It all started this morning, when Gus had a big boner. His friend had seen it and even then they had a little jerk off in the toilet before breakfast. But I guess that wasn’t enough for the young horny army men and they decided to continue. But instead of jerking each other off as usual, they decided to call their friend who was very happy to join the fun.

Looks like this gay fag didn’t have his own fuck buddy in the army and didn’t feel the taste of a man’s body for a long time. But these two marines will not only give their asses to him, they would be happy to suck him off. Yeah, this is going to be a wild trip, so you’d better hold on tight.

As soon as their new friend takes off his pants and pulls out his cable, Gus decides to be the first one to power it up science a long time. Looks like his cable is working perfectly and just needs a bit of Gus’s mouth before the real thing. Yeah, such a big pretty mouth can make any cock hard as rock, just like they need. After a couple of minutes spent slurping and gulping on his cock, it was just the time to take it out and insert it into another hole, more warm and tight.

Oh, boy! You should have seen the marines happy face when he inserted his long meat pole into his friends ass. Damn, it was a bit of pain for him in the beginning, but then it started to feel good, really good. Of course it would be a little pain cuz it’s not so easy to handle such a big cock into a such a small hole, believe me. And plus there are no lubricants in the barracks, so the three of them had a tough time with inserting it.

All three of them had truly awesome time, which they will remember for the rest of their lustful lives. They were banging until their new friend shot several loads of hot cream on Gus’s torse. Mmm, you should have seen his happy face when all covered in love juice. Gus was always a fan of creampie, so it’s not difficult to guess what happened next. You just have to see this stunning army footage. Trust me, you will never find anything like this anywhere else. Just buckle up and get ready for an unforgettable masturbation, marine!

Gay marine from an elite squad

Date: 04.03.2012

Gay marine from an elite squad

I think it’s just the time to reveal each and every secret of this elite spec-ops squad. Who would have ever guessed that one of the best elite squads could be gay? I mean just take a look at them – all of them are brutal guys and there is no way you would think about their little anal passion. I am sure it had to do something with the time when they were in the army. There are no women at all!

Only a bunch of guys with sexy bodies and tight asses. I am sure these soldiers did their job and now the whole army is full of twinks. But instead of inviting the whole squad to the corporals office, he had only invited this little guy. The corporal was watching him for a while and was really interested in his ass.

Nobody knows about this little gay passion except the corporal himself. If the sergeant doesn’t want the whole squad getting busted, he’d better do everything the corporal commands him to.

“You know, sergeant, I’ve been watching you the last week and I must admit, that you have a great ass!”

“Sir, I don’t understand what you are talking about!”

“Sergeant, do you want problems with me?”

“No, sir!”

“Then why the hell are you playing with me, sergeant? I know about you and your squad. All of you are complete fags! Am I right sergeant?”

“Yes, sir!”

“Better late than ever. Now don’t just stare at me. You know the drill, now take off your uniform and come over to the desk!”

“Yes, sir!”

This is one of the hottest galleries I’ve seen out there. As soon as this elite soldier takes off his uniform everything comes clear. Since he is in an elite squad, he must have some elite skills too, don’t you think? The corporal was sure about them and was very happy when his cock was throbbing against the soldiers throat! Damn, this guy was slurping and gulping on his big fat cock, but wasn’t even thinking of stopping!

A couple of minutes later, when he was done with using his mouth, it was just the time to use his second hole, which is more tighter and deeper. The corporal had a hard time sticking his huge nine inch dick in the soldiers but cuz they didn’t have any lubricant nearby. But some spit and rough power did the job. Soon he was pounding the sergeant’s ass like no one had ever before.

The two were loving each and every single second spent with each other. They were fucking like wild animals until the corporal had shot several loads of hot, sticky cum in and on his burning, red ass. Now that’s what I call having fun in the army! I am sure they will remember this for the rest of their lives and no doubt the corporal will be calling his new lover again. Another elite squad seduced. Thanks to our mighty corporal!

Horny marine banged in the ass

Date: 04.03.2012

Horny marine banged in the ass

I am sure you’ll love this one. You know, it has always been all about the uniform. In it, you feel like another person. You can do anything you want in it, everything you though would be dirty or un polite. Image if you would be in another body – wouldn’t it be sweet? You could do all sorts of different things, not just sex.

But in this footage, everything what is happening has to do with gay marine fucking and sucking, so let’s take a closer look to what is happening here. This is the second part of the previous footage, where the marine got seduced by the corporal. We can see a lot more interesting action in here than in the previous gallery. The corporal invites the whole squad to his cabinet due to forbidden things.

How the hell was the marine supposed to know that condoms are forbidden in the army? It didn’t take so long to find out whose exactly they were. The corporal had dismissed the squad as soon as he found the owner of the condoms. Of course he ordered him to stay in. Now the two will have a long and close chat together –

“Sergeant, are you aware that condoms are illegal to use in the army?”

“ Sir, I had no idea they were illegal. That wasn’t written in the rules, sir!”

“Alright, sergeant, since you had them in your desk, I might ask you a question: there are no women here nearby. I suppose you were about to use them with one of the other marines?”

“ Sir, I can’t tell you that”

“Sergeant, you’ve already broken the rules! You know what we do to those, who don’t obey them, don’t you?”

“Yes, sir! I don’t need any problems, sir!

“ Good. I suppose I don’t have to tell you what dozens of marines will do with your ass just as soon as you leave my cabinet?” “ No sir, I understand everything, sir!”

“ Oh, you’d better do so, sergeant. These horny fuckers will destroy your ass in seconds if I let them” “ Sir, is there anything I can do to prevent this?”

“Now that’s what I’m talking about, sergeant! I like the way you think. Now don’t just stand there, take off my pants and start stroking my cable if you don’t want any trouble!”

“Yes, sir! Thank you, sir!”

This was another awesome dialogue between the corporal and one of the marines. There are absolutely no woman in the army, or somewhere nearby. And with over two hundred troops plus all the corporals and generals it’s obvious that they are lonely. After some stroking and sucking in the corporals mighty cable, the marine was commanded to spread his ass apart and wait for the big train. It wasn’t hard for the corporals cock to fit in the sergeants ass, cuz he had been fucking with one of his marine friends every day for the last two weeks!

Elite marine squad preparing for a mission

Date: 28.01.2012

Hold on tight boy and girls cuz it’s time to reveal the secrets of an elite marine squad! What do you think? A good marine squad is a gay marine squad. Looks like these two were preparing for a big mission and did this not because they were forced to, they did this more like it was a duty, that’s right! Every time when it came to slurping and gulping on someone’s cock – these two boys were happy to get their deep throats and tough arms on a new meat pole. Even now we can see a seduced army boy getting throat fucked and abused. You might think that he doesn’t like getting treated like a piece of meat and humiliated?

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